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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Congratulations Graduates!

It was just like yesterday when we were the ones planning our own crazy Graduation Party.
Time flies so fast that last Saturday, we enjoyed a party organized by our good friends who just officially said goodbye to college! 

We spent the time catching up with our good friends, sharing our own experiences of how it is when it comes to the real world and how we, of course, miss college life sometimes. We undeniably enjoyed Good Earth's cocktail drinks which we deserved after a long week's work :)

It was a well planned party that it deserved to be shared to all our friends who were not able to join us. We wanted to share the love and discreetly make them jealous by subscribing to SMART's new offer: FB10. It allows us to post our photos on Facebook for only 10 pesos! Imagine being able to access unlimited FB for one whole day at an affordable price? We just had to try it! And it was a fast upload, to be honest :)

To our friends & newly grads, cheers to a job well done! It's been a long ride of learnings but this we assure you, in the real world, more learnings are yet to come and we'll always have each other to #LiveMore during the weekends :) CONGRATULATIONS!