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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

#LiveMore at The Mind Museum

There are those times when we get tired of the usual events we go to. The three of us don’t want to call it “monotonous” but we somehow find it difficult to escape from that kind of life. Although we always deem that a getaway means an out-of-town weekend trip to leave everything behind, we found a way to enjoy and take our minds off things.

We were too excited that we planned the trip a week in advance to the famous Mind Museum! We invited our friend Marcelo (@akoposimarcelo), whom we met at the Smart LTE launch. A common friend of ours, Jodi, also joined us (@jodillanto) and was equally excited about the trip.

The museum had scheduled time slots which we thought was not enough to experience every installation. Nonetheless, we made the most out of the three hours we paid for. The post-modernist façade itself was purely captivating, educational and entertaining. We mostly enjoyed the hands-on stations; imagine creating a tornado with your own hands or seeing a huge macro display of an ordinary cockroach. We were also overwhelmed with the information that came along with the displays. The huge T-Rex exhibit was fascinating – the first and only in the Philippines!

This trip was surprisingly different from the common places we visit. During those three hours, we were able to escape from the “city stress” and benefit from the learning experience the five of us had.

To give you a good glimpse of the place and the adventure, here is a video! Enjoy :

#LiveMore at The Mind Museum from Myka Pauline Ong on Vimeo.


  1. Nice! Sana makapunta din ako diyan! :)

    1. Yes you should! It's worth your money :) You can check their fb page for updates on their time slots :)

    2. Soon maybe. If I could find time to get to Manila. Enough resources as well. Haha. :) Thanks by the way!

  2. Yes you should! It's worth your money :) You can check their fb page for updates on their time slots :)